Refuse to walk home, and see what happens!

Sometimes when I’m at MITERS, I will simply refuse to walk home that night. “I’m going to finish an electric vehicle right now and ride it to my dorm room,” I would declare to my friends. This happened a week or two ago, resulting in this:
2014-05-13 20.07.45

It features a tiny brushless outrunner designed for an electric RC airplane, an RC airplane speed controller, a chain, a 6s4p a123 battery pack, and some (100’s of meters) of duct tape. It was amazingly difficult to fit the chain through the tiny space between the wheel and frame, but I did it!

2014-05-13 17.02.04

After that, it was all duct tape! Total build time: ~2 hours.

In the near future, I plan to replace that massive battery pack with some RC airplane LiPos, which should fit entirely inside the scooter deck. Over the summer, I will hopefully make a hub motor for this as well. Stay tuned!

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