Better Stator!

By the magic of MITERS, I’ve found a way better stator for my hub motor! I was showing off my hub motor to Ben, but Ben was unimpressed with the gap between the stator and the magnets, saying something about “no torque” and “low efficiency.” He walked over to his shelf of random things, and brought back this stator! (New stator is on the shaft and has no windings)


I test-fitted the new stator in the motor casing, and IT FIT WITH LESS THAN 1/4MM OF GAP BETWEEN THE STATOR AND MAGNETS! Even better yet, it has the same mounting holes as the first one! I’ve installed it and tried turning the motor by hand, and the magnetic cogging is insanely strong. All the torque is mine!

I’ll wind the new stator soon and show everyone how it goes!

Posted in Hub Motor

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