LoLrioKart Wheelie Bar


Image from Charles Guan’s Website of the 2.00GoKart Summer Race.

One beautiful summer day, I was sitting on the starting line of a 2.00GoKart outlaw race in LoLrioKart. (Its called an outlaw race because these vehicles weren’t constructed in the class, nor did they follow the class wattage limit. LoLrioKart has more power than the rest of the 2.00GoKarts combined.) Charles shouted 3, 2, 1, GO! LoLrioKart, with a 40V (infinite)A A123 battery pack jumped forward, pulling a huge wheelie, scaring me to death. I let up on the throttle long enough to bring the front wheels back onto the ground. After that, I floored it again, pulling a second, more reasonable wheelie.

I realized I needed what drag racers need: a wheelie bar.


2014-08-16 04.21.14


LoLrioKart now pulls wheelies without fear of doing a backflip! LoLrioKart is so powerful that flooring it from a stop lifts the front wheels off the ground, rotating backwards with such momentum that the back wheels also lift off the ground for a second, riding entirely on the little blue wheelie-bar wheels. With a passenger on the back, LoLrioKart can pull 2-person indefinite 25mph wheelies!

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