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LoLrioKart Wheelie Bar

Image from Charles Guan’s Website¬†of the 2.00GoKart Summer Race. One beautiful summer day, I was sitting on the starting line of a 2.00GoKart outlaw race in LoLrioKart. (Its called an outlaw race because these vehicles weren’t constructed in the class,

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Refuse to walk home, and see what happens!

Sometimes when I’m at MITERS, I will simply refuse to walk home that night. “I’m going to finish an electric vehicle right now and ride it to my dorm room,” I would declare to my friends. This happened a week

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Electric Insanity

Oh yes, my first post! It is worth saying that Swapfest, a giant swap-meet near MIT that funds MITERS, is a very dangerous place for tech-people like me. I saw a vaccum tube, I bought a vaccum tube. That pile

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